Monday, October 15, 2012

Yoga Lessons for today

I chose to do yoga outside today because the sun was shining, breeze blowing and birds singing. It was a perfect fall day. Before I start my practice I read from Living my Yoga which talked about suffering. We all know that throughout life there are moments of suffering, yet we can make the choice to let it be felt and not let it be our identity.

While flowing from one asana to the next I felt most grounded in Warrior II pose because I remember a class I took that the teacher said we are holding on to the past, reaching for the future but grounded in the present moment with our bodies. I feel this statement is so powerful as we cannot suffer when we stay present.

Me keeping myself grounded and in the present

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  1. I really connected with what you said about warrior II, it added new meaning to the asana. Can't wait to read more!