Thursday, January 30, 2014

Silent Getaways

How can we dig deep within ourselves?

When we do dig what is it we find?

Does finding this help us on our path?

So, I am still in transition and moving in one month to a place not known yet and I wanted to get away. This getaway was to Lummi Island. The space was great for reflection, with a wood burning fireplace, surrounded by evergreen trees, complete silence and a wood burning hot tub.

These times of transition I feel require you to be with the silence. You may read, reflect, journal, yoga or take a walk to explore. However this time is spent know that it is contributing to your inner journey of deeper discovery. As I was there I identified my primary objective and then from that came my sub objectives.

Let me share

Main Objective: To Live My Desired Life Fully!

Being my Best Self   (Ok, I hear ya sounds corny and over used but hear me out)

So, what does being my best self feel like? Look Like?

Freedom, Joy, Passion, Confidence, Inspired, Open, Wealth, Authentic, Strong, Supported, Excited.

How can I describe look like? Well, I'll stand taller, a smile will be on my face, laughter will be coming from my mouth, I will have a glow from the inside out.

By writing this out you can begin to envision yourself as your best self. Once you have that vision it will be easier to put into practice.

Lummi Island Beach

Lummi Island, view of Orcas Island

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Checking out Yoga studios

So, I am checking out different yoga studios in 2014. And yesterday I went to a community class at a local studio called The Bhakti Shop Yoga. Before we started class the instructor read a story about a rabbit. Now I don't remember the whole story but the meaning was insightful.

The message was that by listening to yourself and doing what feels right for you in the moment will not only liberate you but it will do the same for others. This can be so helpful on and off the mat. As we are in class our eyes may wonder comparing ourselves to others, but by listening to our bodies and honoring our needs we liberate others to do the same. So the more you accept and honor yourself on and off the mat the more liberated you will be.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Big Changes

Why is it that when you make a big decision to quit something that is not bringing you any joy or fulfillment
You have this feeling creep up that you failed
You didn't plan appropriately
Your research wasn't in depth enough  
Well, I had all these feelings after I decided to quit my certificate program. And, I thought wow these negative thoughts are not serving me at all. I need to make a choice and know there may be consequences but I listened to my inner voice. So, I say accept what is and make a plan that will bring you joy and fulfillment.
Would love to hear others stories of changes that made you feel poorly about yourself, yet you rose above them to find true joy.
Arizona so beautiful

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Xmas roadtrip in the SW

Wow, what an amazing Christmas and New Years I had with my sister. We took a road trip from El Paso where is was currently living to Phoenix. This trip for me really took me out of my gloomy mood and helped me to see that if I want change I need to act. There are so many beautiful places to discover and see. This cemented for me that life is to be enjoyed and explored. So if you have a nomadic spirit follow that.

So, my mission is to take hold of my life and stop existing. Research 5 places I would enjoy living and exploring. Then act, move, grow and let fear be my driver.

Roper Lake State Park, Safford, AZ

Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ

Roper Lake Loving it!