Thursday, April 11, 2013

Passions and Yoga

Well, I am back and committed to blogging as I feel good sharing my thoughts and experiences. I have started my 200 hr yoga teacher training. I can't describe in words the feelings of pure joy I am having by doing this. Because I have talked about this for a year and it is now a reality. I feel for the first time that I found my passion and it's amazing. For me when this all fell into place yoga as well as horticulture therapy my attitude shifted, I had a pep in my step a smile on my face and real gratitude for this life. So, I say this because we all need to keep pushing ourselves to find our passion. Just think if we were all on the path to our passions what would this world be like? I challenge everyone to keep exploring and pay attention to your responses to experiences, and events in your life that ignite, joy, playfulness, curiosity and an open heart to share.

This is a picture of a hike I did in Washington State called Lake Twenty-Two,