Friday, August 21, 2015

Traveling unleashes the knowing that there is no one great place. When you start to explore the vastness of the world you see that beauty is all around. It may even become apparent that there are many great places to settle, that there is no one perfect place. This may start to shape the way in which you view yourself and the life you choose to live.

This thought was unleashed to me after my job ended and I was able to travel to some amazing places. I must say I am grateful for the life moments that shake me from the mundane and challenge me to look deeper. Also, to appreciate the now moments and know that the world has dealt me this for a reason. But, I also allow myself to feel the anger, sadness, anxiety that comes when change suddenly happens.

So, sink into those poses that make you uncomfortable, or the sequences that require you to break a sweat.
Grand Tetons in Wyoming, amazing!