Sunday, October 14, 2012

How I found yoga

Well, my first experience with yoga was at the gym I attended in Seattle, WA. They were offering a beginner yoga class, so I thought hey why don't you check it out as I know nothing about yoga. And, I was intimidated by some yoga classes because everyone seemed so advanced. So my first class I felt comfortable and the teacher was great, I was hooked after that and I created my schedule around that class. That has been about three years ago and yoga has become a big part of my life. I use it to help me when I am stressed, frustrated, sad or just need to check in with myself. I feel that yoga has been a flowing practice that helps me to suspend my self-judgement and appreciate the beauty of my body and all it can do.

As I leave this post today I want to share somethings I am bring to my mat. Where is my life going? Where do I want it to go? How to let fear pass through you and not let it consume you when dealing with big life decision? If you come across these questions please share as I as these questions while doing yoga where I hope to better hear my inner voice.

One legged down dog at Sliver falls, Entiat, WA with my sis.

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