Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Am Prayer and meditation

These last few days my emotions have been filled with self doubt, fear and sadness. Yet, today I awoke early to do my prayers and meditation which alleviated my suffering. As I read from: Illuminata a Return to Prayer by Marianne Williamson. These points are what shift my self doubt, fear and sadness. My thoughts in purple.

"The problem is the voice of the spirit is not the dominant voice of the world." or of your mind.
"Sacred energy renews us." For me that is yoga and meditation.
"Prayer enables us to transform the world which transforms us."
This is yoga it transforms the way in which I view myself and treat others.

As I share these with you I have come to find my faith in the universe again. I know there is a reason I am studying yoga and horticulture therapy. May my light shine so bright that fear gets lost in the rays. When times of these arise try to step back and know that this is helping you to get where you need to be or just helping you learn. May you find inner peace and beauty today.

Angor Wat  Cambodia
Such a sacred place

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yoga Sutras

I awoke today feeling, oh I have so much to do. My mind was going down the list and so I reached for the Yoga Sutras to bring me back to the present. So, I am reading The Essential Yoga Sutra Ancient Wisdom for your Yoga.

I.14 You must cultivate your practice over an extended
period of time; it must be steady, without gap, and it must be done
 correctly for then a firm foundation is laid.
I think I am going for yoga and my spiritual practice as it fills my soul and helps me be better.
What do you chose to cultivate in your life?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My yoga learning throught teacher training

Delving deeper into this yoga journey I find myself craving spiritual history. As I read The Gita it grabs my heart and allows me to see the beauty in the true essence of ones yoga practice.
The Bhagavad Gita A walkthrough for Westerners by Jack Hawley Ch.6 lines 24-26

"Renounce all selfish desires, which are but products of the ego.
Use the mind to curb all your senses. Rein in your restless and fidgety mind
from wandering outside to seek stimulation and
satisfaction. Turn inward and train it to rest in God.
Keep attention anchored in the Atma, your true self.
Think of nothing else. Then , peace and quiet will gradually arise in you.
I hope this ignites something in you to explore while practicing yoga or to seek while practicing. Be the great yogi you are meant to be both on and off the mat.
Multnomah Falls