Thursday, October 15, 2015


I opened my yoga journal today and was reading through some of my entries during teacher training. I came across this one that really spoke to me at that time and now.

Yoga Sutra

The seeker is to preform asanas, so they become familiar with their body, senses and intelligence. You develop alertness, sensitivity and power of concentration.

Familiar = means to be in close friendship

I feel that yoga helps us become familiar to ourselves in everyway. It slows us down and helps us get to know the deeper parts of our being.

There is no one way to be a seeker in yoga or life. As I am  seeker of both. I have stopped judging myself because there are many paths that a seeker can take and different speeds. The important part is that you are enjoying the seeking and building a familiar relationship with the deepest part of you. No matter where you are at, know that the seeking never stops and should be the thing that keeps you seeking more from yourself.