Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life and the signs we are given

Well, I come today to share about a situation that happened today at work. So, I am in the horticulture/agriculture industry and when the season is on you work 10 plus hours a day. We are now in the down season so hours have started to be cut back which I am enjoying the slower times. Today I was informed that I will be layed off for 4 to 6 weeks starting in January which was a bit alarming because I was hired on as full time nonseasonal staff. So, I am saying to myself wow how life speaks to us in such loud ways at times. The reason I say this is because I am looking onto yoga teacher training which starts in January and February they are located in Costa Rica or India. It is so interesting how I got caught up in the moment and was worried about this information as it consumed my thoughts for sometime. Yet, I get home go to my yoga mat and start flowing from one asana to the next with such energy and excitement. The universe is speaking to me so I better listen. It is really amazing when you ask and ask for signs to help you find your journey, and they appear with a booming voice. I end with this I am so grateful for these signs and that I am able to hear them.

I hope you all are able to hear or see the signs that cross your path.

My search for direction while taking this journey of life.

The light and peace that is felt after you are given a sign to follow your passion

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Am yoga is a treat

Morning yoga starts the day with honoring you and your time on the mat. As I step on to my mat I feel a sense of balance wash over me.
             I chose to do Surya Namaskar also known as sun salutations which open my heart and ground my soul. I ended my practice with meditation, as I sat in silence honoring the higher power in me and in all beings that live on this earth.

Seeking my higher power

Grounding myself into the earth

Challenging myself to be flexible in the flow of  life

Opening my heart to the universe

Honoring me, my practice and a grounded spirit

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finding peace and your path

Sunday mornings for me are a time to awake, make coffee, listen to calming music and connect with my creative spirit through yoga. So, I have the coffee, music is on and my creative spirit has started to flow. As I sit here and write I want to share a poem I write some time back.

To ignite ones passion is to ignite ones inner being yet to not allow one to follow their heart is to deaden ones spirit. We as the human race must invite all that makes us unique and know that a life lived following your heart is a life to be honor.
Yoga has helped me to listen to my inner voice and ignite my passion for life. Also I find refuge in nature discovering hikes where trees and moss surround you. So, I want to share a place I go that quiets my mind and helps me reconnect with my true self. I think this would be a very amazing place to do yoga.
Boulder River Trail Arlington, WA


Monday, October 15, 2012

Yoga Lessons for today

I chose to do yoga outside today because the sun was shining, breeze blowing and birds singing. It was a perfect fall day. Before I start my practice I read from Living my Yoga which talked about suffering. We all know that throughout life there are moments of suffering, yet we can make the choice to let it be felt and not let it be our identity.

While flowing from one asana to the next I felt most grounded in Warrior II pose because I remember a class I took that the teacher said we are holding on to the past, reaching for the future but grounded in the present moment with our bodies. I feel this statement is so powerful as we cannot suffer when we stay present.

Me keeping myself grounded and in the present

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How I found yoga

Well, my first experience with yoga was at the gym I attended in Seattle, WA. They were offering a beginner yoga class, so I thought hey why don't you check it out as I know nothing about yoga. And, I was intimidated by some yoga classes because everyone seemed so advanced. So my first class I felt comfortable and the teacher was great, I was hooked after that and I created my schedule around that class. That has been about three years ago and yoga has become a big part of my life. I use it to help me when I am stressed, frustrated, sad or just need to check in with myself. I feel that yoga has been a flowing practice that helps me to suspend my self-judgement and appreciate the beauty of my body and all it can do.

As I leave this post today I want to share somethings I am bring to my mat. Where is my life going? Where do I want it to go? How to let fear pass through you and not let it consume you when dealing with big life decision? If you come across these questions please share as I as these questions while doing yoga where I hope to better hear my inner voice.

One legged down dog at Sliver falls, Entiat, WA with my sis.