Saturday, July 4, 2015


In life and yoga transitions are all apart of the journey. They can be enjoyable because they pose a challenge, yet it can bring stuff up that prevents us from experiencing it fully. As Pema Chodron says the only thing in life that is for sure is impermanence. So not holding on to things so tight gives us freedom and eases our mental grip. Shifting our view of transitions as an exciting opportunity to experience something  new is EXCITING and SCARY, but why else are we here!

This week my boss told me the business is shifting and we no longer need the services you preform. My apartment lease is up also. WOW! I am being told to embrace transitions and see the joy in this challenge. I have been through so many of these and this time I can finally see the JOY, FREEDOM and UNKNOWN. I can say with all my being I am open to what comes!

Ganesh the Remover of Obstacles