Sunday, October 21, 2012

Finding peace and your path

Sunday mornings for me are a time to awake, make coffee, listen to calming music and connect with my creative spirit through yoga. So, I have the coffee, music is on and my creative spirit has started to flow. As I sit here and write I want to share a poem I write some time back.

To ignite ones passion is to ignite ones inner being yet to not allow one to follow their heart is to deaden ones spirit. We as the human race must invite all that makes us unique and know that a life lived following your heart is a life to be honor.
Yoga has helped me to listen to my inner voice and ignite my passion for life. Also I find refuge in nature discovering hikes where trees and moss surround you. So, I want to share a place I go that quiets my mind and helps me reconnect with my true self. I think this would be a very amazing place to do yoga.
Boulder River Trail Arlington, WA


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