Saturday, September 5, 2015


Today was a day of explosive anger at other peoples behavior. Wow, I always amaze myself that I can get so angry. I hold onto it as though my life depends on it. It fuels me into a space of turbulence and speed. And what I mean by that is my body becomes tight, I walk faster, I snap, I have shallow breathing. I haven't felt this way in sometime so it always angers me to think I am going back to that place. Yet, I have to work through these feelings.

My mind says calm down which doesn't work. This anger takes over my entire self. So, when I arrive home I blog to get it out of my body. Then I do a basic yoga sequence at a quick pace which releases those negative feelings.

So the sequence I do is Sun Salutations I or I go running.

 And I must say there is no special number of times, I stop when I feel the anger has left my body and I become Melissa again.

If you deal with anger and have a way to shift that feeling I would love to hear about it.

Cheers to yoga for helping me cope with life!