Saturday, February 16, 2013

Once you find your inner voice, Listen good

I have chased a dream that I thought was me because I wanted to be significant. I defined that by seeking jobs and degrees that I thought would give me significants. This thinking has taken me on a journey that helped me become aware of my true passions and made me listen to my inner voice. As I embark on this new level of awareness may I reflect and check in with myself. 

I want to share my plans which are coming up in April. I plan to move down to Portland as the Community College has a horticulture therapy program. I was first exposed to horticulture therapy in my undergrad studies then I had the opportunity to do a independent study project at a local assisted living home with horticulture therapy. After this hands on exposure with planning a curriculum and seeing how much the ladies enjoyed themselves, I knew then this was going to be a part of my life. So, I am now taking steps to make that desire come true and I am so excited for this journey. 

I also state in my blog the desire to further my knowledge in yoga as it helps me shift my energy to the positive and brings clarity to my perspective on life. I say this because it helps me be a better me, so I found a school in Portland that teaches the 200 hr. Wow, just when I thought I couldn’t do both horticulture therapy and yoga. 

I feel that life can really amaze you and to never give up your true desires because there is only one life so live it seated in passion. I feel when you live a life of passion your perspective of the world shifts and you see the lessons, the blessings and the beauty in all that surround you.