Monday, July 22, 2013

Life brings waves which we believe at times we cant handle

I wanted to share something with my blog reader's that I came to realize today. So, I don't want to bog this down with details but there are times in life that others can make you feel sad, angered, vulnerable and the list could go on. However, today I chose to not let that other person have control over my emotions. They are my emotions and I do have control.
I yoga has taught me about not getting attached to objects, relationships, possessions etc. I know that I am a strong woman who doesn't have time to let others control the strings to my emotions. So, I write this while treating myself to pizza and a beer because I deserve it. And, I think everyone does. So, when you experience your emotions going haywire due to someone else's behavior just stop breath and cultivate your beautiful inner strength and wisdom that can at times reside deep within our soul. We can cultivate these qualities in the Warrior series.

The Warrior series helps us find strength in the present moment, Where my Warriors at!!

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