Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Yoga studio

I found a new yoga studio which is 2 blocks from where I am living. The space is small and perfect. The studio focuses on Dharma yoga which I am new to and excited to experience. So, the class was full and students here in the Midwest are talkers giving the teacher feedback while yoga is going on and I love this.

I had not done yoga for about 3 weeks so I was sore after class which is good and makes me want to get to doing more classes. I wanted to share that at the end of class the teacher read from Meditations on the mat. She talked about home and that we seek things outside of ourselves in order to become fulfilled, and experience happiness. So, the teaching was to remind us that you always have a choice to go home and this resides within all of us.

I feel that yoga for me has helped me to realize that I am enough, and shifted my perspective of myself to a positive light. So, I ask what has yoga helped you realize?

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  1. I want to do yoga right there on the water. love the sunset light.