Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Ebb and Flow of life

Just as we flow from one pose to the next in yoga, we also do this in life from one event or situation to the next. We may have days where the flow feels smooth, balanced, inspiring and creative and other days we feel off balance. Is life all about movement and the stillness. This may be seen as a time to look inward and reflect upon what your vision or passion is. Then we adapt movement to create or fulfill our inner reflections. While in our stillness we pose questions seeking answers that may arise now or later. As we journey through these two spaces stillness and movement I invite you to practice meditation.

Light a candle
Sit in front of your alter if you have one if not sit in your favorite spot
Start to focus on your breath, maybe label in/out to help you center yourself
Place your hands palm down on your knees to process or palm up to receive
Tuck your chin and close your eyes
As we focus on our breath we can start to let all
that is not serving us go.
We can feel the inner stillness
that resides within us. So when
moments arise we can remember
that we always have our breath.

My favorite sunset at Discovery Park.

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