Sunday, November 17, 2013

Connection to a Place

This conversation I had with a man that had recently moved here from Colorado made me think about my connection to places. He had lived in Colorado his whole life and was in Portland visiting a friend. The way in which he described Colorado as a place of high elevation, bright sun even in the winter months with powdery snow. I could hear his love for this place that brought him joy. After this conversation it made me think about places that I have a connection with.

My yoga mat because when I do yoga it brings me back to my inner stillness
Orcas Island surrounded by ocean and beaches
Thailand for all the beautiful temples, culture and food
Teaching yoga
When I connect with something it brings me inner joy that trickles out into the world where I want to share this joy with others. This also is a whole body reaction when you connect to something that ignites your spirit. It also makes you think that finding connection in what we do ignites that joyous spirit that resides inside, awaiting to be connected.
What connection ignites your spirit?

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