Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Sunday morning moment

My day begins with a peaceful yoga awakening sequence which I am focusing more on my breath. As I am trying to direct my attention to my inner feelings instead of making sure my asana is perfect. I find this intention helps me to get a full practice that centers my inner being.  After my practice I make a chai tea latte for myself as a treat on this Sunday morning, yummy.

As I arrive at the Unitarian church I see our discussion today is about social justice and our interconnectedness to each other, the earth, etc. There some guest speakers who spoke about social justice and the woman minister reads a Rumi poem. I can’t recall the exact words so here is what I remember: When in the city it is noisy but be the noise, take in all around you, let your eyes close and your other eye guide you, may fear fall away and the circles of comfort become larger. As she read his words, I envisioned these circles of our fear breaking away and our hearts opening up. The sizes of the circles grow and extend out as we seek for deeper connection and with that comes a deeper connection to ourselves, the earth and others.

 As we step on our mats to ground ourselves and listen to that inner voice. We are also challenged on the mat by keeping in flow with our breath, pushing ourselves with new asanas. I think if we view life as one huge mat then events and situations can be viewed as a lesson to check in with your breath when life brings us tension, find your inner warrior when you must stand your ground. And lastly, know that we are all spiritual beings undergoing a human experience so live, love and grow.  

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