Monday, November 5, 2012

Lessons on the mat

Well, I have been seeking advice on when to quit my job, will I find another? Can I afford to quit? How can I not quit as this job is dragging me down? Should I ride it out until the layoff date December 25th?  Wow my mind is incessant with questions, answers and ideas. So, I must get on my mat and quiet the mind. As I practice the asanas it brings me back to myself.

Tadasana- grounds me into the earth
Warrior I- I am strong and in control of my journey
Reverse warrior- I seek strength from a higher power as I look to the sky,
Down dog-Aaaah relax and be in this pose, breath, breath
Cobra- flow into your decisions and own them

I also wanted to share a book I refer to after I have done my AM yoga. It is called Living Your Yoga Finding the Spiritual in Everyday Life. by Judith Lasater. As, I was reading the chapter on Spiritual Seeking which relates well to my journey now. Judith talks about when we are in a state of wholeness it brings you back to your natural being. I feel this describes how I feel when I step onto my mat.

May you also find that place of wholeness. I end with a mantra for the day from the book:

I am my own authority!

Reconnecting with my whole self

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