Sunday, November 29, 2015

Self Work

I have been dog sitting over the holiday weekend which forces me to do things differently. Discover new neighborhoods, run on new paths, and take a bath in the middle of the day. I always love these life disruptions because they bring about new insights.

Over this holiday weekend I have been sitting in a seat of tension with some of those close to me. And as I was running this afternoon it came to me the only way to ride out these moments of tension is you must do the self work. Yes, we need support from friends, but when your alone and sitting with yourself it matters that you know the depths of your self. You know what releases negative energy. You know what feeds your soul. You know what comforts. By diving deep into self discovery you become a woman that can ride out the tension and give yourself a little more love.

As Brene Brown says to stay curious as opposed to disengaged because when we deny our stories and disengage from the tough shit that rises up we are allowing that to define us. (also not an exact quote)

So we are worth the work!

Always love to hear from you.
Take care

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