Monday, June 10, 2013

Dharma teachings

I am house sitting in Seattle so that means I get to attend my favorite meditation/ dharma teachings class.  The teachings were about helping others be happy by giving gifts, an ear, love, advice etc. Then he guided us through a meditation that has us envision those we want to give happiness to whether that be a person, a group the whole human race. Next,  he had us focus on the feeling of joy and begin to cultivate that within ourselves. He also talked about the true joys of giving to others. Lastly, he asked us what the obstacles would prevent us from giving happiness to others.

As I sat there listening I thought I use to be resistant to giving because I expected people to be appreciative or give back. But, I have found through yoga my heart has become more willing to give without expecting anything in return. Just as we all come to yoga for different reason we all are at a different place in our spiritual journey. So, if your giving ignites joy in another then find the beauty in that.

So, what are some of your big yoga learnings?

A buddha in one of the Angkor Wat structures

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