Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big questions for 2013

Wow life can throw you some curves especially when you have an idea of what your next move. The year of 2012 I wanted to stay in the horticulture industry, so I applied to a local farm which was a great experience. Then I was offered a job as a produce manager for two farm stands. I took this job which was physically challenging and I released my stress at the nearby yoga studio. When I stepped into those classes I felt a sense of excitement and a commitment to self growth. The warm flow classes grounded my spirit and livened my soul. I felt a deeper calling to further my knowledge in yoga, so I researched some. Yet, when I was laid off from my job that research became a reality to pursue yoga teacher training. I became excited again and was looking at training in India and Chicago as my cousin lives there. Then over the holidays my Nana passed so family gathered together to support one another. Life became clouded and grief set in. I must say she went peacefully which is a blessing.

Now I have interviewed for a job as a trail coordinator for a big wholesaler and they want to do a second interview with me. So, I say which way should my path go and I have no solid answer. I don't even hear my inner voice talking and I am at a place of questioning this next step.

I read the Daily Love today from one of the co-authors and she talked about the question we all ask ourselves WHO AM I? She says to find this answer you need to identify the feelings you feel when your doing something you enjoy.

So, when I do yoga I feel





open heart

life learner




So, when I do horticulture I feel









I think this is a great exercise to do and to keep yourself aware of your feelings when doing certain things. So, I plan to delve deeper to hear that inner voice. Where is my life path? Where do I want my life path to go? What direction ignites the most fear within me?

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