Thursday, January 30, 2014

Silent Getaways

How can we dig deep within ourselves?

When we do dig what is it we find?

Does finding this help us on our path?

So, I am still in transition and moving in one month to a place not known yet and I wanted to get away. This getaway was to Lummi Island. The space was great for reflection, with a wood burning fireplace, surrounded by evergreen trees, complete silence and a wood burning hot tub.

These times of transition I feel require you to be with the silence. You may read, reflect, journal, yoga or take a walk to explore. However this time is spent know that it is contributing to your inner journey of deeper discovery. As I was there I identified my primary objective and then from that came my sub objectives.

Let me share

Main Objective: To Live My Desired Life Fully!

Being my Best Self   (Ok, I hear ya sounds corny and over used but hear me out)

So, what does being my best self feel like? Look Like?

Freedom, Joy, Passion, Confidence, Inspired, Open, Wealth, Authentic, Strong, Supported, Excited.

How can I describe look like? Well, I'll stand taller, a smile will be on my face, laughter will be coming from my mouth, I will have a glow from the inside out.

By writing this out you can begin to envision yourself as your best self. Once you have that vision it will be easier to put into practice.

Lummi Island Beach

Lummi Island, view of Orcas Island

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